innoVolta IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB

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  • Mindfully designed to upgrade the original ThorFire 8800 mAh Battery pack
  • 100% Compatible with ThorFire LED Bike Headlight: BL02, and BL13

Outstanding Features:

  • Robust 12,400 mAh, performs 140% run time cf. the original ThorFire 8,800 mAh
  • Built-in US Engineered Low IR High Reliability 1,300 Cycle industrial grade ultra long life NMC-HIGH-DRAIN Li-ion Cells cf. 500 cycle consumer grade energy cells built in the original ThorFire 8,800 mAh battery pack
  • Weatherproof, Sun-proof, Freeze-proof, Flexible RTV treatment at both ends of the battery pack, with sturdy Two-Layer Heat Shrinking Wraps, mindfully manufactured for long-term outdoor activities
  • Two Velcro compatible self-gripping ties in 17.5″ long and 0.75″ wide can be stretched to grip the battery on a metal steering bar firmly. They can hold battery firmly with a wide range of steering bar diameters (0.75″ ~ 1.0″ or even wider ranges)


  • Brand: innoVolta USA
  • Model: IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB
  • Capacity: 12,400 mAh (nominal)
  • Energy: 45.9 Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7 V
  • Standard Charge: Must use CC/CV charger with 1S setting, CC 3.0 A / CV 4.20 V 100 mA cutoff (Better not charge over 4.25 V)
  • Standard Discharging Voltage Range: 4.20 V ~ 3.0 V
  • Short_Circuit Protection Delay: < 50 micro second ( 5 micro second typical)
  • Over-Discharge_Current Protection: 5.0 A (5.5 A typical) cut off
  • Over-Discharge Detection Voltage: 2.4 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Discharge Release Voltage: 3.0 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Charge Detection Voltage: 4.3 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Charge Release Voltage: 4.1 +/- 0.1 V
  • Battery Pack Size (nominal): 42 mm Wide * 21 mm High * 136 mm Long
  • Weight: 242 g (Battery and DC power cord)
  • Connector: 5.5 mm DC  barrel socket with 2.1 mm center pin
  • Cord: 120 mm long, UL 2464,  20AWG, 80 degC, 300V, 5 mm diameter black PVC jacket
  • Accessory #1: 2 pcs of velcro compatible self-gripping ties
  • Accessory #2: 1 pc of  6″ long waterproof DC power cord, 5.5 mm plug with 2.1 mm center hole

 Higher Safety:

  • Individual cells of the innoVolta IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB meet the UL 1642 and RoHS safety standard
  • Never worry about an explosion owing to an accidental short circuit or a human mishandling


  • Include a 6″ long 5.5×2.1 mm DC power cord so that you may 1) DIY your own  LED Bike Headlight, 2) DIY your own battery charging cord.
  • Two rugged Velcro compatible self-gripping ties allow firm battery installation with various sizes of metal steering bars.


The innoVolta IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB battery pack is mindfully designed for upgrading the original ThorFire 8800 mAh battery pack by 12,400 mAh. It is 100% compatible with the ThorFire BL02 and BL13 LED Bike Headlight.

Our professional battery engineers prudently select the US engineered Low IR High Reliability 1,300 Cycle ultra long life NMC Li-ion Cells to build this battery pack. To understand what you buy, you may study the selected cells further by referring to THIS CELL or its SPECIFICATION. These are 20650 industrial grade 3,100 mAh power cells developed BY the 2016 most advanced Li-ion NMC-HIGH-DRAIN battery technology. Only the extremely LOW IR power cell containing the least volatile proprietary electrolyte can deliver such an ultra long cycle life, i.e. 1,300 deep cycles. The original ThorFire 8800 mAh battery pack adopts 4 pcs of the higher IR 18650 consumer grade 2,200 mAh energy cell, which normally only last 300 ~ 500 deep cycles.

Considering your long-term outdoor bike activities, which require high reliability and high performance of battery, we specially pack the battery with two-layer heat shrinking wraps and treat both ends of the battery pack with RTV glue so that the whole battery pack is completely insulated from its external environments and so that the battery can be weatherproof, sun-proof, freeze-proof, and allow flexible power cord handling.

We also tested the firmness of gripping battery on the metal steering bar with reliable results. We select the rugged Velcro compatible self-gripping ties and adhere a piece of double-sided adhesive sponge between the battery bottom and each of the Velcro compatible tie. The battery can be held firmly on various size of metal steering bars by stretching both ties tightly. Since the Velcro compatible ties are self-gripping and reusable, they are very convenient and practical for your long-term usages.

The innoVolta IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB battery pack is constructed with very high safety measure. At individual-cell level, each cell meets the UL 1642 and RoHS safety standards, which require to pass 12 strict safety test items without resulting in any fire or explosion. At the battery-pack-level, a highly reliable PCB (Protection Circuit Board) is built in each battery pack so that you do not have to worry about any short circuit accident by a human mishandling.

Finally, considering that you may need to make a charging cord to charge this battery pack from time to time or to custom make your own bike LED light, a piece of 6″ long DC power cord with a waterproof 5.5×2.1 mm male plug is included for your DIY purposes.

With so many considerations, we hope that you will enjoy using the innoVolta IVP4020D2-1S1245PCB battery pack and its accessories. If you find any useful ideas besides our built-in  considerations, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Great battery for night biking safety! I used the battery last night and it performed really well. The ThorFire BL02 headlight has an led color indicator, which stayed on the Blue LED status for over 1.5 hours of continuous use on FULL POWER .

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