About Us


Total Quality:

The quality of our battery packs not only depends on the well trained workmanship of the pack assembly, but also relies on our in-house cell test and matching. We use in-house ATE strictly tests and bins all cells before we assemble them into a battery pack. Our Total Quality is outstanding. We own a professional cell test laboratory, a 6-sigma QC system, and an automation team. 

Manufacturing Flexibility:

We can meet customer’ various demands in quantities from single-kind-large-scale to multiple-kinds-small-scale because we own flexible battery pack manufacturing systems. We obtain our manufacturing flexibility by uploading the specific firmware and replacing the cell holding fixtures. Besides, the flexible manufacturing systems also greatly enable us to reduce impacts (e.g. the common types of human errors). It also improves our production throughput with better quality.

B2B Solutions:

Our mass production capabilities completely focus on satisfying the repetitive volume orders that are received from the various industrial customers. Besides, we are capable of optimizing your battery demand with features of higher performance and longer life. We can also provide an optimized charger to extend your battery life if you require it. Please email us for a proposal and quote if you are looking for a quality battery for mass production. As a professional B2B battery pack solution provider to industrial clients, we will work with you intelligently and proactively.


We are very confident in the quality and reliability of our battery pack products. We assure that every new battery pack that we ship to you carries our 100% responsibility. When we enforce a corrective action, we pay for the repair cost, return fee, and re-ship fees. 



Cell Test: 

Most battery pack manufacturers do not do the cell test before they assemble the battery packs. In fact, they conventionally trust their cell manufacturers and assume that the received cells are all in good quality conditions. Unfortunately, this is not always true, even if a cell carries one of the big 5 name brands (i.e. Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung and LG)! In reality, any unit in the supply chain may compromise the received cells. The cell manufacturers may ship cells by combining their old inventory with the newly produced cells. A cell distributor may assort the mimic name branded fake cells with the authentic cells to reduce the cost! With the innoVolta’s strict test system, we are able to effectively identify all problematic cells. Therefore, we can avoid assembling them into innoVolta’s battery packs. 

Cell Matching:

A true ultra long life battery pack not only requires to be made with authentic quality cells but also requires IPQC for precise cell matching! Unfortunately, most battery pack manufacturers can not do cell test and matching in-house. They conventionally assume that the manufacturer’s cell matching in each package is still valid. The cell matching data may become invalid after a 6-month period of inventory because cells are aging at different speeds. The improper storage conditions may also worsen the cell matching. The longer are the cells in storage, the less trustworthy is the cell matching data.

In reality, it is common to receive cells that are stored for 6 ~ 15 months inventory. Therefore, doing cell matching in-house before the battery assembly is definitely a requirement to make battery packs long life. Nowadays, all name brands of Japanese and S. Korea cell manufacturers only promise bin control with 3 mOhm for IR and 30 mAh for capacity; other China cell manufacturers normally promise bin control with 6~9 mOhm for IR and 40 mAh for capacity. At innoVolta, our normal cell matching techniques can achieve the highest standards of cell matching with 20 mAh/bin for capacity and 2 mOhm/bin for IR (or precise 1 mOhm/bin for IR is available by custom order). The innoVolta’s precise bin control of cell matching within 20 mAh for capacity and 1 mOhm for IR is second to none in the world. Our unique in-house cell matching capability creates the unparalleled value of the innoVolta battery packs.

In-House Automation: 

We are using the CNC spot welding machine to run the large volume productions. We also own a professional team of automation engineers who are able to create sophisticated automatic production equipment in-house. They empower us to provide uniform quality battery products and can effectively help customers scale up smoothly.  

Optimized Charger: 

To comply with mandated regulations or special operating purposes, a battery pack may be obliged to meet some special requirements. Safety, high reliability, wide dynamic range of power output, operating at extreme ambient temperatures, …etc are just some examples. Fulfilling those required operating purposes requires a custom designed charger with optimized charging/discharging firmware. We are able to custom design and manufacture the optimized charger for your battery pack. We have proprietary knowledge and technical expertise in optimizing the performance, reliability and safety of lithium ion battery packs. 



We engineer, assemble and test innoVolta’s battery packs with the state-of-the-art facilities and well trained workmanship in the USA. InnoVolta not only provides higher quality battery but also responds to our customers with higher efficiency and more flexibility. We also offer free inventory management based on customer’s annual demanding schedules. This offer help our customers greatly reduce the intense pressure of their cash requirement to run their business. Therefore, our customers can receive their specific battery packs soon after they release an order. It normally takes 3 ~ 5 business days to receive innoVolta batteries within the 48 consecutive states in the USA.