innoVolta IVP3618D2-2S444PCB

High Capacity & High Energy:

  • 4,400 mAh (refer to the Real-Time Test Chart), 32.6 Wh, 7.4 V (Nominal)

Ultra Long Life:

  • Selected EV industrial grade low IR authentic cells;
  • Real-Time Tested Cycle Life: about 2,000 deep cycles
  • Lifetime capacity: 4,940 Ah (Power Phase) plus 2,960 Ah (Energy Phase); about 7,900 Ah in total
  • IR matching < 1.5 mOhm
  • Capacity Matching < 15 mAh
  • Use a CC/CV charger with 2S setting
  • 6X Lifetime capacity if contrasted with regular packs made with normal 300-cycle cells


  • Made with industrial standard PCB/PCM (Protection Circuit Board/Module)
  • Individual cell carries UL and RoHS certificates at least, CE and TUV certificates are optional
  • Never worry about an explosion owing to an accidental short circuit or a human mishandling


  • Assembled with a JST XH-2 female connector and is paired with a JST XH-2  male connector
  • The polarized JST XH-2 connectors help avoid an accidental inverse polarity of power insertion
  • Solder the JST XH-2 male pin header on your PC board with correct polarity one time and be always peaceful to supply the battery power by inserting the wired JST XH-2 female socket
  • Other types of connector pair (e.g. JST EHR-2) can be specified
  • 4″ long flexible wires rated UL 1007, 22AWG, 80 degC, 300V, VW-1


The innoVolta IVP3618D2-2S444PCB battery pack is designed with great care for application categories like “General Purpose”,  “Security Equipment”, and “Inventory Control Device”.

The innoVolta IVP3618D2-2S444PCB battery pack is made of selected EV industrial grade low IR cells from the authentic cell manufacturer. The real time tested cycle life of the individual cell is above 2,000 deep cycles (please refer to the test chart below). Regular Li-ion cells that last for 300 ~ 500 cycles are common. Ultra long 6X lifetime capacity is at your disposal if it is contrasted with other packs made with 300-cycle cells.

With the premium high capacity energy cells, we still need to match each pair of cells before the assembly so that the whole battery pack can achieve consistent long life feature.  At innoVolta, we uniformly test every cell, closely match them in-house, and assemble the well matched cells (i.e. mass production capability with bin range as narrow as 20 mAh for capacity bins and 2 mOhm for ACIR bins) into the branding innoVolta battery packs. We proudly assemble the innoVolta battery packs in the USA. Most of other battery pack manufacturers are unable to do the in-house cell matching. They assume that all cells packed inside a box are all matched, which may not be true because even authentic cell manufacturers may loosen their cell matching specification (i.e. with bin range as wide as 50 ~ 60 mAh for capacity bins and 6 ~ 9 mOhm for ACIR bins) to consolidate the stored cell residues from several production batches. It can be even worse if smaller quantity can’t be purchased directly from the authentic cell manufacturers, the boxed cells can be further compromised through the supply chain. Some distributors may not have proper warehouse conditions to protect their cells in storage from being rapid degrading. They may further assort the residues of several  inventory batches into one box to ship. All these compromised quality issues are completely prevented at innoVolta.

With the built-in PCB/PCM, you are free of any worry about the unexpected explosion resulted from an external short circuit to this battery pack. The IVP3618D2-2S444PCB will cut off its output power when the output current rises above 4.0 A (or 4.3 A typical). Besides the short circuit protection, it is also featured with the over-discharge and over-charge protection.  Thus, you may use this battery pack with peace.

Not like a normal battery pack made with flying leads, we assemble the IVP3618D2-2S444PCB battery pack with a pair of the popular JST XH-2 connectors for your convenience. The JST XH-2 connectors are polarized. You just solder the polarized pin header on your printed circuit board with right polarity one time and you will never worry about damaging your electronic device by an accidental applying the battery power in wrong polarity. If you like to specify your own connectors, we will make it to your specification.


  • Brand: innoVolta USA
  • Model: IVP3618D2-2S444PCB
  • Capacity: 4,400 mAh (please refer to the Real-Time discharge chart below)
  • Energy: 32.6 Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.4 V
  • Standard Charge Current: 2.2 A (must use CC/CV charger with 2S setting)
  • Short_Circuit Protection Delay: < 250 micro second ( 200 micro second typical)
  • Over-Discharge_Current Protection: 4.0 A (4.3 A typical) cut off
  • Over-Discharge Detection Voltage: 4.8 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Discharge Release Voltage: 6.0 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Charge Detection Voltage: 8.6 +/- 0.1 V
  • Over-Charge Release Voltage: 8.2 +/- 0.1 V
  • Battery Pack Size (norminal): 37.0 mm Wide * 18.6 mm High * 132.5 mm Long
  • Weight: 182.5 g
  • Connector: JST XH-2 female socket and male pin header (other type of connector may be specified)
  • Wire: Red/Black, 4″ long, UL 1007,  22AWG, 80 degC, 300V, VW-1

Engineering Test Charts

Real-Time Deep Cycle Life Test (Cells)

Real-Time Discharge Test (Packs)


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