innoVolta IVH-1S24K2

Long Flying Time:

  • Enable your SYMA X5SW or X5SW-1 quadcopter to navigate for about 20 minutes, like the performance of a professional quadcopter

Navigating as your will in High Sky:

  • Enable your SYMA X5Sw or X5SW-1 quadcopter to navigate over 50′ ~ 100′ high

Flying in  Strong Wind:

  • Navigate in strong wind much more over 5 mph, either low sky or high sky, without worrying about a crash.

Simple Installation:

  • The installation takes you less than 5 minutes to upgrade your SYMA X5Sw or X5SW-1 quadcopter

Low Cost for Professional Navigating Experience:

  • The IVH-1S24K2 battery kit is priced less than 15 bucks. Look for even better prices when our distributors start selling the IVH-1S24K2 battery kits.



The innoVolta IVH-1S24K2 battery kit is dedicated to upgrade the SYMA X5SW or X5SW-1 quadcopter to obtain the superb professional navigating experience.

The core cell, IVH-1S24K, of this battery kit is a 2,400 mAh, 20C, 3.7V battery pack specially engineered for the installation of the SYMA X5Sw or X5SW-1 quadcopter and can upgrade your SYMA X5SW or X5SW-1 quadcopter to perform a professional-like navigating goal. It enables the SYMA X5SW or X5SW-1 quadcopter to fly for about 20 minutes in high sky (50′ ~ 100′), where strong wind is often over 20 mph.

Please view this blog post for the detail.

Disclaimer: Please do not short this battery! You should use caution to handle this battery because it is not installed with a short circuit protection board. innoVolta assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of using this battery or any information contained in this brochure or associated blog post. It is the sole responsibility of the user who decides to use it. If you don’t know how to handle this battery properly, please do not buy it!


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