Battery Replacement Feather Light Loupe Light Battery Pack by innoVolta IVM361866-2S268PX Made in USA


  • Replacement Battery for Ultra Light Optics Feather Light Battery Pack

Meet Highly Safe Medical Industrial Requirements:

  • Selected Medical Grade, LOW-HEAT, NMC Power Cells
  • In-Cell Construction by Thermal Runaway Safer Material up to 210 Degree C
  • Individual Cell Carries UL 1642 and RoHS Certificates
  • Build-in Reinforced Insulation between Cells
  • Build-in Industrial Grade PCM (Protections: Short Circuit, Over-Charge, Over-Discharge)
  • Never worry about an explosion owing to an accidental short circuit or a human mishandling

High Performance:

  • 7.4 V 2,600 mAh
  • Short Circuit Protection Current (up to 8 A)

Ultra Long Life:

  • Real-Time Tested Cycle Life (individual cells): Over 1,000 Deep Cycles
  • Excellent Cell Matching ACIR @1 kHz < 2 mOhm/bin
  • Excellent Cell Matching Capacity < 20 mAh/bin


  • Assembled with 2.5 mm pitch 2-circuit JST XH2 connector
  • Avoiding any accidental inverse polarity of power connection because JST XH2 connector is polarized.
  • 3.2″ long flexible wires rated UL 1007, 22AWG, 80 degC, 300V, VW-1


This is the battery replacement pack dedicated to replace the aged original battery for Feather Light LED Loupe Headlight (Feather Light Battery Pack)

Note: There are two variations of Feather Light battery pack. Please double check your connector and wiring polarity, as we currently support only one of the two variations, at this time. If you have Feather Light with a different connector/polarity, please get in touch with us with close up photos of your connector. Thank you!

Note: The original battery is rated as 7.4 V 2,600 mAh

If your unit is SurgiTel Eclipse EHL65 battery pack for SurgiTel micro LED, please visit

Please contact us if you own a different Loupe Headlight and can’t find a compatible battery for replacement! 

To know about innoVolta’s product capability, please visit


  • Brand: innoVolta USA
  • Standard Model: IVM361866-2S268PX
  • Capacity: 2,600 mAh
  • Energy: 19.2 Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.4 V
  • Charge Current: 1.3 A (Standard)
  • Short Circuit Protection Current: up to 8 A
  • Battery Pack Size (maximum): 37.0 mm Wide * 19.5 mm High * 66.5 mm Long
  • Weight: 91.7 g (average)
  • Connector: 2.5 mm pitch 2-circuit JST XH2 connector
  • Wire: Red/Black, 3.2″ long, UL 1007,  22AWG, 80 degC, 300V, VW-1


Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs

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